CUSTOMFIT LUXeDynAudio Terminals


Type :Intelligent management of LED public lighting

Production :JDC Electronic SA


Developed in collaboration with the Energy department of the town of Yverdon-les-Bains. Website:



Informations and specifications

General data

The use of LED lighting systems has become common in most cities, unfortunately few installations are used optimally. LED lighting saves only little energy in comparison to last technology sodium lighting.


eDyn was imagined and developed to increase the energy saving of LED lighting systems, really using the LED’s advantages. It can intelligently regulate the light intensity depending on time of day and pedestrian street trafic.


Through this optimal management, eDyn can save up until 60% of the energy that is consumed by an overnight lit LED lighting.
Equipped with an infrared sensor, a command detection 230VAC (command by clock), a radio communication system and a manager of the light intensity, eDyn manages your LED lighting dynamically depending on your needs.


The lighting level when switching on is settable. This can already achieve energy saving by choosing for instance a level of 80% instead of 100%. After the selected time, the activation of the command line enables dynamic lighting with an energy consumption of 0 to 100%. The command line has to be activated by a clock or a network remote control by switching to a defined phase of the public lighting network. The infrared sensor activates the streetlight only when a person is detected and the street has to be lit. To guard against the feeling of insecurity, the integrated radio module anticipates oncoming by turning adjacent lamps on.


Installations’ variants

Dynamic permanent mode (without command phase)


Dynamic mode when the command phase is turned on





The following parameters can be modified according to the user’s desire :

  • Energy management:
    • Lighting level at turning on (ON+)
    • Lighting level after detection in dynamique mode (Dyn+)
    • Reduced lighting level in dynamique mode (Dyn-)
    • Transition time between the lighting levels (Tup/Tdown)
    • Holding time of level after detection (Tdyn+)
  • Communication management:
    • Adress of every module
    • Adresses to whitch the module is responsive after a detection by an adjacent lamp
    • Emission power of the radio and emission channel

Technical specifications


  • Detector:
  • Radio:
  • LED Driver:
  • Command:
  • Consumption:
  • Programing housing:
Infrared, detection range of 10m
433 MHz, 100m range (free field)
0 – 10 V
Command line (Phase L3)
< 2W USB link with PC software (Windows XP/Vista/7/8) and radio link between programing housing and eDyns modules


  • Dimensions:
  • Materials:
  • Weight:
  • Binding:
90x50x30 mm
Waterproof ABS
200 g
Stainless steel bracket and Flange