Geos 11 – Demo animation

This is a basic demonstration of the button sequence of the GEOS 11 in normal mode (no special screens activated).

The instrument itself first needs to be started by pressing and holding the SEL button for two seconds.

1) Press the SEL button to highlight a line on the LCD
2) Press the MOD button to change the information viewed on that line while flashing

Available data

First line:

  • Maximum windspeed
  • Average windspeed

Second line:

  • Change windspeed units (on actual instrument, you must press and hold the MOD button to change these units)

Third line:

  • Temperature
  • Minimum temperature
  • Maximum temperature
  • Windchill or heat index (depending on measured temperature range)
  • Minimum windchill
  • Maximum windchill
  • Relative humidity
  • Minimum relative humidity
  • Maximum windchill
  • Dew point

Fourth line:

  • Altitude
  • Maximum altitude
  • QNH
  • QFE
  • Absolute air pressure
  • Flight level
  • Digital compass