JDC Electronic SA was founded in 1981 by Jean-Daniel Carrard and became a limited company in 1984.

Key invention

Transmission of physical (ie displacement, velocity) by the magnetic field.

Key Dates

1983: Patent of the transmission speed of the magnetic field.
1984: Launch of Skywatch® Wind and SPEEDWATCH®.
1987: Acquisition of own premises.
1991: Launch of Skywatch® Fun.
1992: Launch of Porosity MK1.
1996 : Launch of SKYWATCH® Eole.
1998 : Launch of SKYWATCH® Meteos.
1999 : Launch of FLOWATCH.
1999 : Launch of SKYWATCH® WWS.
1999 : Development of a magnetic button for a large Swiss watch brand.
2000 : Launch of SKYWATCH® Geos 9.
2001 : Launch of SKYWATCH® AWS.
2002 : Launch of SKYWATCH® Atmos.
2004 : Launch of the range SKYWATCH® Xplorer.
2006 : Launch of SKYWATCH® Geos 11.
2006 : Development of two electronic movements for two Swiss watch brands renowned.
2008: Purchase of the company MADD Technologies Sàrl.
2008: Development of a watch for the De Havilland SA Watches.
2009: Renewal of the range SKYWATCH® Eole and Meteos.
2009 : Launch of new FLOWATCH.
2009 : Launch of new SKYWATCH® Atmos.
2012 : Renewal of the range SKYWATCH® WWS and AWS.
2012 : Launch of SKYWATCH® N.E.W.S.
2012 : Launch of SKYWATCH® Aero.

Areas of Expertise

During its existence, JDC Electronic SA has gained experience and expertise in:

  • Development of electronic subassemblies,
  • development of mechanical subassemblies,
  • product design,
  • Partnership for a production in the Far East.


Today, JDC Electronic SA is active in:

  • instruments for sport and recreation,
  • scientific measuring instruments
  • and watches.