JDC Electronic SA products and services

“Excellent company. Fast and competent service. Efficient and solid equipment.”

“I’ve just received your weather station, which I think is marvellous at first glance.
either for the accuracy of the data, or for the compact design. Congratulations!

“Now that’s service! I’ll spread the word.”

“As soon as you pick it up for the first time, the feeling is confirmed. The plastic used is well-made,
the cap is securely fastened and does its job of protecting the turbine, and the knobs are easy to operate.
quality, the aluminum base gives the device a sturdy appearance and its
thread for mounting on a photo tripod.

“High-performance sensor, beautiful finish and great autonomy. Simple, clear, intuitive and functional app, top quality.”

“Not very expensive, space-saving, full of functions (vit max, vit min, average, …), backlit display,
attachment link, batteries last a long time (3 years for me and it still works).”

“A must, very nice finish, reliable temperature, no need for me to take the model above,
my Vario compass and altimeter. Don’t hesitate.”

“I’ve been using it since it came out a few months ago, and I’m delighted with it.
Several days of autonomy, and great precision. I highly recommend it.

“Very easy to use, I used it to determine the ideal location for a small wind turbine.
I attached it to a 4 m pole and was able to collect maximum and average speed information.”

“Good quality product, as described.
A gift given to a surfer who puts it to very good use.”

“Really great new application for this new sensor.
Truly beautiful Swiss finish….Thank you for this achievement.”

“Clear instructions, easy to use, several modes, temperature,
altitude, remembers previous readings, can choose
wind strength in km/h /knots… a much-appreciated gift for a kite surfer!”

Eole hand-held anemometer

Hand-held anemometers

With 7 anemometers divided into 4 different ranges of products, you will find the model which is perfect for your needs.

In addition to measuring wind speed, you can also determine its direction, record temperature, humidity, air pressure, or check your altitude.

BL400 weather station for smartphone

Weather station for smartphones

Turn your smartphone into a weather station quickly and easily with Skywatch BL.

You can accurately measure wind speed, temperature and humidity and share this data on social networks or our bl.skywatch.ch platform.

Ideal for outdoor sports and professional activities.

BL400 weather station for smartphone
AWS weather station
AWS weather station

Weather stations

Do you need to protect people, animals, plants, building sites or materials from weather-related hazards?

Our different models of weather stations allow you to measure, monitor and overall have several types of alarms.



This porosimeter was developed and manufactured by JDC Electronic SA following a very strong demand from paragliding manufacturers, mainly for safety reasons.

This instrument quickly became the leader in the field of porosity. It is now used and appreciated all over the world.

Current meter
Current meter

Current meters

The Flowatch and EasyFlow are high-quality, robust current meters offering measurement solutions for virtually any application, whether measuring gas or liquid flows.