Type:Autonomous meteorological station

Weight:6.5 kg

Informations and specifications

General data

Skywatch® N.E.W.S. is an autonomous meteorological station designed for monitoring the atmospheric conditions at a site.
It is fitted with a meteorological transmitter that measures wind, temperature, relative humidity, and (as an option) barometric pressure.
Powered from a small solar panel and a battery, the station can easily be installed on sites that are isolated and have extreme conditions.
Finally, with its GPRS modem, it automatically and periodically transmits its measurements to the Internet site

General Functions:

  • Wind measurement: average windspeed, maximum windspeed and average direction.
  • Air measurement: temperature, relative humidity and pressure (options).
  • Time stamped recording more than 200’000 measurements.
  • Data transmission of the measurements via GPRS on an email address and web publishing on
  • Programmable frequence of transmission according on season.
  • Autonomously powered from small solar panel • Stainless steel case.
  • Compact design.

Technical specifications

Wind speed

  • Measuring range
  • Accuracy
  • Resolution
3 … 200 km/h
± 3%
0.1 km/h

Wind direction

  • Measuring range
  • Accuracy
  • Resolution
0 … 359°
± 5°


  • Measuring range
  • Accuracy
  • Resolution
-40 … +90 °C
± 0.4°C (to 25 °C)
0.1 °C

Relative humidity

  • Measuring range
  • Précision absolue
  • Resolution
0 … 100 %rH
± 3 %rH (20 to 80 %rH)
0.1 %rH

Pressure (option)

  • Measuring range
  • Accuracy
  • Resolution
750 … 1100 mbar
± 1.5 mbar
0.1 mbar

SIM card and GSM subscription

The Skywatch® N.E.W.S. station has a GPRS modem for data transmission via the GSM network. To make use of the latter, an active SIM card must be installed, with or without a subscription. The type of subscription linked to this SIM card needs to permit data transmission via GPRS. Options that include the volume of data could be appropriate. For information, one data transmission can be between 5 kB and 30 kB, depending on the interval between sendings.

Please note: the SIM card should be configured without a security PIN code before it is inserted into the device. This can be carried out on an ordinary mobile phone.