Type:Anemometer with alarm

Dimensions:95 x 95 mm

Weight:223 g

Informations and specifications

General data

This instrument was developed for protecting persons and properties that may be subject to strong winds. It consists of 2 parts:

  • A display unit of the wind force, with 4 programmable warning thresholds (2 min and 2 max).
  • A multidirectional turbine (wind sensor) enabling measurement of the wind in the horizontal plane and in the vertical as 2. well (turbulence behind objects). The turbine sends its signal magnetically to a transducer (wind sensor) located at the end of the cable connected to the display. This transmission system simplifies the installation process.

Designed for the protection of individuals and assets in situations of gale force winds, SKYWATCH AWS is particularly
suited in the case of :

  • Building sites: scaffoldings, cranes, etc.
  • Public buildings such as schools, sports grounds, etc.
  • Sports and leisure activities: campings sites, mobile homes, marinas, airfields, ski lifts, sports competitions, etc.
    Four values can trigger an alarm. These values can be set in rising edge as well as in falling edge and the alarm duration is also settable for every alarm.

    There are four relay outputs (kit 2 and 3 described below). The inactive state of each relay can be selected from no (normally open) and nc (normally closed). The user assigns to every alarm its relay output.

    Technical specifications


    • Units
    • Resolution
    • Measuring cycle
    • Accuracy
    • Measuring range
    • Alarms
    km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots
    0.1 unit
    each second
    ± 3% FS if horizontally (Windsens3D)
    from 5 to 150 km/h
    2 min, 2 max

    Available kits

    • WWS-Kit 1
    • WWS-Kit 2
    • WWS-Kit 3
    Display, 15m cable, propeller with wind sensor and fixation
    Display with external alarm interface, 15m cable, propeller with wind sensor and fixation
    Display with external alarm interface in a waterproof case, 15m cable, propeller with wind sensor and fixation, external power supply

     On demand we can provide different cable lengths up to 300m.