SPORT LINESpeedwatch



Type:Wireless speed computer

Dimensions:Display: Ø78 x 18 mm
Radio transmitter (white cylinder): Ø20 x 180 mm

Weight:100 g

Not available anymore !

Informations and specifications

General data

This developed and made in Switzerland instrument instantly gives you an accurate reading of the speed on water, maximum speed and traveled distance. No hole on your boat needed !
Easy to install: setting the propeller under water with one of the three wings included, set the radio transmitter in the hull and that’s all!

Magnetic Transmission through the hull and without holes (patent JDC) and radio transmission on the screen (up to four meters). Possibility of establishing the screen anywhere on the boat and for each crew member with its display unit.

Possibility of using existing detectors paddles. Calibration for possible interaction with any type of speed controller (JDC propeller blade or sensor).

Technical specifications


  • Current speed
  • Constant speed:
  • Instantaneous speed:
  • Maximum speed reached
  • Units:
Set by customer
Balanced speed on 2 until 60 sec, average speed on 1/1 tendency + or –
Knots – km/h -mph – m/s


  • Chronometre:
  • Countdown timer:
  • Clock:
Manual or autostart
10, 6, 5, 3, 1 min
24h or AM / PM


  • Distance of the trip
  • Global distance traveled:
  • Partiel distance:
Over one season
Total distance with reset


  • Waterproof
  • Backlight:
  • Low power consumption:
  • Display:
  • Transmitter:
  • Option:
  • Impeller, support and transmitter:
  • Display:
Around 20’000km sailed without changing battery
4000 hours, battery lithium 2450
More than 500 miles with 9V battery
Long range transmitter powered by 12V board battery distance between transmitter and display
Made in Switzerland
Made in China