The company

The energy department of Yverdon-les-Bains had an idea to propose an intelligent management (dynamic) of the public lighting, in order to have only to light the necessary points of light when it is necessary. This approach was intended on the one hand to reduce light pollution, and on the other hand to reduce energy consumption.

Energy Department Yverdon-les-Bains request

As public lighting suppliers do not offer a technical solution for the installation of dynamic lighting (which changes according to the number of visitors to the venue), the Yverdon-les-Bains Energy Department then turned to JDC Electronic SA to lead a collaboration allowing the creation of such a system.

JDC Electronic SA’s work

JDC Electronic SA has developed a dynamic lighting system in the form of a housing that is fixed to the mast of the luminaires already in place. The eDyn module then manages public lighting according to the needs: without street activity, the lighting is in reduced mode. Thanks to its motion detector and its radio link, the eDyn module installed on each street lamp makes it possible to automatically increase the lighting when passing a pedestrian. The infrared detector turns on the street lamp only when a person is detected and the street must be lit. In order to guard against the feeling of insecurity, the built-in radio module anticipates the lighting of street lights when moving a person by lighting the following streetlights. The brightness level of each lamp post is adjustable. The eDyn module saves up to 60% of the energy consumed by an LED lamp post.