The company

eeproperty is an innovator in the field of home automation. They have developed system allowing real estate agencies to facilitate the management of laundries. Vesta makes it possible to remotely manage the payments and use of laundries by tenants, and to eliminate rechargeable card systems or keys. Laundry use reservations can also be made by tenants easily via an online platform

Eeproperty request

After producing the technical drawings, it was still necessary to find a company capable of producing the Vesta case from start to finish, and to take it from the drawing stage to reality. For this brief , Eeproperty turned to JDC Electronic SA.

JDC Electronic SA’s work

Thanks to its knowledge and contacts in the field of electronic supplies, components and materials, our company has been able to order the necessary equipment to carry out this innovation, then to carry out the manufacture and complete assembly of the housing.