Brand:MADD Technologies


Dimensions:Bag: 260 x 190 x 130 mm
Device with probe: 190 x 150 x 70 mm

Weight:Bag: 1 kg
Device with probe: 600 g


Informations and specifications

General data

Simplified version of the SalinoMADD, the EasyFlow is for professionals who occasionally do flow gauging and who don’t need to record several measuring sites. It permits to realise in several minutes a flow gauging according to the tracer dilution method. The device records the salt cloud and gives the result in liters per second at the end of the operation.
Very ergonomic and waterproof, it is equipped with a conductivity probe with 10 meters cable. It is delivered in a small bag with shoulder strap.
Explanation of the tracer dilution method (with video)
Software EasyViewer
The software EasyViewer, delivered with the device, allows the download of the data on the PC, the visualization of the gauging curve and the eventual correction of the flow calculation. Very usefull to verify the quality of the gauging by viewing the curve.

Main functions:

  • Download measured data from EasyFlow.
  • Visualization of the gauging curve and possibility to correct graphically the flow calculation.
  • Addition of information about the gauging, such as the limnimetric height.
  • Software in 3 languages: french, german and english.

Technical specifications


  • Measuring range
  • Sensibility
  • Accuracy
  • Salt quantity (min – max)
0 – 3200 mg/l
1 mg/l
< 1% FS 1g - 100kg


  • Measuring range
  • Accuracy
0 – 40 °C
± 0.2 °C


  • Accuracy (Optimum mix)
  • Measuring display range
< 5% 0.1 l/s - 99'900 l/s


  • Supply: 3 alkaline batteries 1.5V type AA, AM3, LR6
  • Autonomy: ~ 100 hours under normal conditions