Skywatch® Precision Agriculture Server

Skywatch® Precision Agriculture Server

Data from our precision agriculture solution is stored on the server and are used in conjunction with machine learning models to create actionable insights:

  • IoMET weather station (wind speed, temperature, humidity, solar irradiation)
  • Fruit dendrometer (fruit diameter and local temperature)
  • Trunk dendrometer (trunk circumference and local temperature)
  • Irrometer™ multi-channel and soil temperature (temperature-compensated soil tension)
  • Rainfall

Designed from the ground up for precision agriculture

  • Linux-based server with highly-scaleable architecture
  • Connection to sensors from JDC Electronic SA, existing installations and third party meta-data


Technical data

The server records and displays the following:

  • Near-real-time sensor data from JDC’s IoMET weather station, dendrometers and soil tension probes
  • Metadata